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Inspire Achieve helps children in primary schools develop valuable business skills that can improve their future.

What began as a few simple founder talks at local Primary Schools, has snowballed into something truly valuable to children throughout the UK. In addition to inspiring children through motivational founder talks, we are now branching out to set a £10 challenge for school children throughout the region.

Our challenge requires children to learn and use skills such as interpersonal communication, creativity, and problem solving. Winners will receive exclusive access to the founder and be asked to join them in the real workplace where they take on more challenging projects. By setting a tempting reward, we inspire children to work hard to achieve their goal.

Children can only win the challenge by working well with one another, putting considerable time and effort into the project, and by being creative. This challenges inspires them to work towards a goal as a team, and teaches them how to achieve their own dreams and goals.

Business representatives from around the region can inspire children to challenge themselves and experience what it feels like to realise what they set out to do through Inspire Achieve. This has transformative power that children, schools and communities can benefit from.

We truly hope you’ll join us in inspiring children and communities through this unique challenge.

Our Teachers

Phil Brooke

Deputy Head Teacher

Phil liaises with schools wishing to take part in Inspire Achieve and advises them on the program of activity.

Melissa Harrisson

Primary School Teacher

Melissa has personally co-ordinated the inspire Achieve program of activity and is available to support other schools to ensure success.

Linda Glendell

Teaching Professor

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Kate Dennings

Children Diet

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